RHA Atlas '08 Deliverable

The following information is from the report “RHA Atlas '08”. Each link from this page will access an Excel spreadsheet file containing the indicated information.

Chapter 1: Introduction

10 year PMR (cal 1996-2005)

Chapter 2: Demographics

Population pyramids

Chapter 3: Population Health Status & Mortality

Total Mortality

Causes of Death

PMR Rates(two 5-year time periods)

PMR Causes (two 5-year time periods)

Male Life Expectancy

Female Life Expectancy

Injury Mortality Rates

Injury Mortality Causes

Suicide rate


Chapter 4: Prevalence of Physical Illness

Prevalence of chronic diseases:



Respiratory disease


Ischemic Heart disease


Incidence rates of events:

Heart Attack (AMI) (hosp or death)

Stroke (hosp or death)

Lower Limb Amp due to Diabetes

Mortality rates for residents with and without specific diseases:



Respiratory disease


Ischemic Heart Disease


Cumulative Mental Illness Rates

Chapter 5: Prevalence of Mental Illness: (age 10+)




Substance Abuse

Personality Disorders


Dementia (55+)

Chapter 6: Use of Physician Services

Access to physicians

Ambulatory Visits

Ambulatory Consult Rates

Ambulatory Visits to Specialists

Continuity of Care

Visit Rates by Age and Sex (crude)

Locations: General Practitioners/Family Physicians

Locations: Specialists

Physician visits by Top 10 Diagnoses

Chapter 7: Use of Hospital Services

Hospital beds

Seps (short +long together)

Causes: Top 10 causes of hospitalization

Stay in Hospital - Short (<14 days)

Stay in Hospital - Long (>14 days)

Location: Where in RHA Resident went - Separation

Location: Where in RHA Resident went - Number of days

Catchment: Where patients came from - Separation

Catchement: Where patients came from - Number of days

Hospital rates for injuries

Top ten causes patients are hospitalized for an injury

Hospitalization rates for ACS conditions

Use of Hospitals


Chapter 8: High Profile Surgical & Diagnostic Services

Cardiac Catheterization

Percutaneous Cornary Interventions

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

Hip Replace

Knee Replace


MRI scan rates

Transurethral Prostatectomy Surgery Rates

Chapter 9: Use of Home Care

New cases (incidence)

Open cases (prevalence)

Closing cases

Average length of case

Chapter 10: Use of Personal Care Homes

Bed supply (provicial & federal)

Bed Supply (prov + fed)



Median wait time for admission

Level of care on admission

Median length of stay by location

Location: Where RHA res were admitted

Catchment: Where adms came from

Chapter 11: Preventive & Other Services

Adult Flu %

Adult Pneumococcal %

Breast Cancer screen %

Cervical Cancer screen %

Contact Health Links Service

Chapter 12: Drugs (all ages)

Percentage of population with 1+ prescriptions

Number of different drugs per user

Percentage of population of Antidepressants

Chapter 13: Quality of Primary Care

Antidepressant follow-up

Asthma Care: Controller Meds

Diabetes Care: Eye Exams

Post-MI care: Beta Blockers

Benzodiazepine use: in Community

Benzodiazepine use: PCH residents

Chapter 14: Health Practices & Personal Characteristics from CCHS Survey Data

Self-rated health status

Functional physical health - SF-36

Functional mental health - SF-36

Work Stress

Life Stress

Life Satisfaction


Second-hand smoke exposure

Frequency of heavy drinking


Leisure-time physical activity

Activity limitations

Dietary practices: fruit & veg.