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  The Need To Know
D A T A   U S E
  1. Access to Server
Access to this server is restricted to Manitoba Centre for Health Policy (MCHP) Staff and The Need to Know RHA and Manitoba Health researchers as identified in the contact list. Access is restricted to most pages on this site by an electonic certificate created and distributed by MCHP. This certificate may be changed at any time with out notice.  
  2. Monitoring and Data Collection
When you visit our Web site, we only collect information that is essential for the operation and security of the Web site. The Web server automatically collects your Internet domain name or IP address, which may identify you depending on the "naming standards" followed by your Internet Service provider. This information is collected so that we know how many people visit our site, the geographical region they are from, and which pages they view on our site. It is maintained in statistical reports and individuals are not identified.

If you use the bulletin board, you might be providing us with some personal information including your name, email address, and perhaps information about your personal circumstances. This personal information will be used only to reply to your question. You should realize that any postings on the bulletin board can be accessed and read by other members of the Need to Know team.

No information should be posted to the bulletin board, or data form, that could identify a third party individual.
  1. Information Resources
Unless otherwise noted, all materials on this server associated with MCHP, University of Manitoba, are protected by copyright.

Information provided by MCHP on this server is actively being developed. It should be considered confidential, and not for public distribution. The information may be used by local RHA working groups. The provided information may not be up-to-date, complete or accurate. Some or all of these resources may be unavailable at any time.
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