Map Notes (2001/2002:

Map Notes (2003):

The maps provided here are for confirmation of RHA district boundaries. Each district is a solid colour. In some places a single district may be divided by a thin black line. This black line represents districts that have not yet been finalized into a single area (e.g. Mystery Lake) If you wish to suggest alternatives or change the boundary please sent electronic mail to Charles Burchill <>

Districts, as far as possible, are defined based on muncipal areas. Within some unorganized territories, where there is a clear distinction between communities based on postal code, districts are based on 6 digit postal code.

2001/2002: These are the districts used in the NTK project RHA 2002.

2003: These are the districts used in the NTK project on Mental Health 2003.

Divided districts: There are a number of RHA districts that are not contiguous. Examples include: Flin Flon, Cranberry Portage and Snow Lake in Norman; Plum Coulee Village included in Morden/Winker in Central.

First Nation communities: communities are identified by geographic area not by ethnic status.

Burntwood: District boundaries are based on registered trapline districts. The LGD of Mystery Lake is included with Thompson.

North Eastman: district boundaries extended into unorganized territories and generally follow trapline districts.

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